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        About us

            Ningbo Ning variable power Polytron Technologies Inc formerly known as the Ningbo high tech Zone Ning variable power equipment Co., Ltd., by the Ningbo Ning become shareholders Electric Co. Ltd. was initiated, is located in Ningbo high tech Zone Jinghua Road No. 168. The company is one of the main suppliers for domestic large motor starting, domestic and foreign dry starting autotransformer, starting reactor production, R & D leader. The company has been rated as Ningbo city science and technology enterprises, innovation demonstration enterprises, high-tech enterprises, and through the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company has a number of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyright for product research and development, to undertake a number of projects, the development and application of autotransformer large power motor of high capacity by the national Ministry of science and technology innovation fund project and acceptance; dry starting autotransformer (the largest starting from transformer) through the national electrical product quality supervision and inspection center test.
            Company's existing high -, intermediate engineering and technical personnel 20 people, the vast majority of the original Ning become scientific and technical personnel, which has a number of well-known experts in the transformer industry, is a member of committee of technology of transformer in China standard, CEC is transformer magazine (honorary editors) series reactor, is our professional standards (JB5346-1998) the main drafter and related test standard. Company founder Wang Hui senior engineer who won the fifth session of ten Ningbo Youth Science and technology innovation award.
            Company's products all over the large, medium-sized iron and steel, petrochemical enterprises in China, and a small amount of exports to Portugal, Iran, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia and other countries. The product basically no accidents, no repair requirements, won the trust of users, customers have established a good reputation and cooperation. The company's starting products have reached the international advanced level, and won many international companies in a bid to. Hangyang, Chinese space division, Kaifeng air classification in China's well-known large-scale air separation equipment manufacturing enterprises, has become my company's long-term supply of customers. The French Air Liquide, Linde and American Praxair three gas company international famous also has use of our products, and become the main supplier of the large units. At present, our products have all the import substitution, and has become the preferred equipment for large motor starting, and make great contribution to the development of Large Air China division equipment. With the rapid development of China's iron and steel, gas, coal chemical industry, starting equipment demand, the market prospect is optimistic.
        Company technical personnel to carry forward the unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovative spirit, advancing with the times for the sustainable development of enterprises and enhance their core competitiveness, to intensify the development of a new generation of products, the products to the more high-end direction, the enterprises bigger and stronger, makes the contribution for the large-scale Air China equipment development and engineering machinery and equipment industry.


        Company address: Ningbo city national high tech Zone Jinghua Road No. 168
        Tel: 0574-87908778 (head office) / 87902487
        Fax: 0574-87902465 / 87906446
        Financial Tel: 0574-87567662
        E-mail: ningbian@ningbian.com
        Factory address: Ningbo City, Jiangbei District Zhuang Town
        Tel: 0574-87777804
        The two branch address: Ningbo city national high tech Zone Jinghua Road No. 168
        Tel: 0574-55122664