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10 Things to do in Zagreb

Published on 20/02/2016 by ClickToCroatia Team

Behold Croatia’s pride and the majesty that is Zagreb! Located in the northwest part of the country, near the river Sava, this city is something really special. This is a city with a rich history, filled with tears of both joy and sorrow. Mystery surrounds this city and can be found in every corner, so much so that even the origin of its name remains a mystery. To experience every little thing that makes this city so unique would be close to impossible and probably take you several lifetimes. That’s why we’re going to tell you about our top 10:

Tkalčićeva street

When you arrive in any city, known or unknown, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is relax and catch your breathe. For this, the best place to do so in Zagreb is probably in Tkalčićeva street. All the best places to eat and drink are right here and you likely won’t regret visiting any of them. The street has a very romantic feel, so be sure to visit it after dark to get the most out of it.

Zagreb Funicular

Though it’s not spectacular to behold, Zagreb funicular is the best way to travel around. It’s very old, having been in use since 1893. Tickets for these cost around 4 Kuna, which comes to around about 60 cents. Taking the funicular can easily get you to Upper Town, so let’s talk about that a bit more.

Upper Town

This is the one of the oldest parts of Zagreb. As its name suggests, it’s perched on the Medvednica Mountain slopes. You can see the old walls and towers that used to surround Zagreb in medieval times.Tkalčićeva street might be romantic, but it’s nothing compared to Upper Town. This part of the city is never overcrowded, as it has limited traffic. Because of that, you can roam freely, enjoying historical landmarks, interesting bars, small museums, and secret passages.

Museum of Broken Relationships

This started out as a touring attraction in 2006, but since its popularity skyrocketed, it became a permanent museum in 2011. It’s located in Upper Town, and is very visible, so you won’t miss it. As the name suggests, this is a museum dedicated to relics of broken relationships. Every single items comes with its own story. Some are sad, some are funny, but they’re all interesting and definitely worth your attention. The museum also offers its own little bar if you want to enjoy your tour with a glass in your hand.

St. Mark’s Church

The Croatian name for this church is “Crkva Svetog Marka”. For those among you who are religious, this would be a good place to visit. On the other hand, even if you’re not the most religious type, you can admire this church for its most distinguishable feature: Its roof. Croatian people are known for their patriotism and it’s clearly reflected here. The church roof has the national Coat of Arms emblazoned on it. With its Red, White, and Blue tiles, it shows how proud of their heritage the Croatian people are.

The „Nin Salt“ Museum Store

Probably the newest attraction in Zagreb, this place opened in 2014. It’s basically a museum that shows how salt is made today and how it was made in the past. The original salt factory in Nin is said to date back to ancient Roman times. Following the pictures, you can see how times have changed since then. At the exit, you can buy a wide variety of salt, from bathing salt to table salt.

Lake Jarun

It’s a man-made lake located in the western par of Zagreb. The locals adore this lake and with good reason, it’s the most popular recreational area in all of Zagreb. You can jog here, walk, cycle – and in the summer you can even go for a swim. A lot of people have picnics here, so if that’s your thing, you can do that as well. Don’t be fooled by the lake’s serenity during the day. After dark it’s one of the more popular places for clubbing. And while we’re on that subject…


People often say that clubbing is just for the young. We say that’s a lie, especially in Zagreb. The nightlife here is so diverse that everyone can find something that they like, regardless of age or taste in music. No matter what kind of music is your style, you’re bound to find a club that plays it, no matter if it’s rock, electronic music, jazz, pop. If you want to follow the local tradition and do as they do, then you should start from Tkalčićeva street. For students, the most popular place is outside of the campus, and there is usually a great party happening there. The most popular bar in all of Zagreb is Roko, followed by IN, Pepermint, Gjuro 2, Gallery, Aquarius.

Dolac Markets

Now here’s a thing for absolutely everyone: The market. Zagreb has a wonderful spot called the “Dolac Markets”. It’s very easy to spot it: just look for “Kumica”. It’s a bronze statue of an old peasant lady holding a basket on her head. It’s located at the very entrance into Dolac, right next to the stairs. It’s an outdoor style of market, where you can buy any kind of food, be it vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese. If you want to eat it, you can buy it at Dolac Market. The food is fresh, tasty and affordable.

Mirogoj Cemetery

Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as creepy as it sounds. This place is tastefully decorated and relaxing, very spiritual. The locals view it less like a cemetery and much more like a park. If the weather is good, you can often see students all around, using the serenity of this place to study in peace.

We don’t want to leave you without additional information, here’s where you can stay when in Zagreb.

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