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Five Amazing Reasons To Visit Dubrovnik

Published on 16/02/2016 by ClickToCroatia Team

OK, let’s face it, you want to go somewhere for holidays and you don’t know where to go. What place is there that has wonderful beaches, exciting scenery, is visited by celebrities, can be seen in TV series and is above all historical and pretty affordable.

Well, search no more, It’s Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We here at click to Croatia have made it our mission to make sure you get top accommodation for your money, and we’re also giving back to the community so give a chance to these people. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Let’s start. Why Dubrovnik?


Jay Z and Beyonce strolling in Dubrovnik, join them

Celebs love Dubrovnik. Just ask Ashley Judd, Beyonce and Jay Z, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Owen Wilson, Jeremy Irons to name a few. And why wouldn’t they love Dubrovnik. It is the place on the map for A-list celebrities. It’s not just in recent years. In the ’70s, Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor loved the Excelsior Hotel and have spent their time here. It’s understandable. Apart from rich scenery, and historical landmarks there’s the emerald-colour Adriatic sea that just calls you to dip your toes in it. Or dock a yacht.

Adriatic Sea

Emerald Adriatic sea. Complemented by its fine beaches, lovely weather and so much more just makes you fantasise about visiting this place. Here’s a photo.

Wild and pretty

The temperature of the Adriatic sea is lovely 24 °C (75 °F), and the wonderful, tingling sensation of the cooling water that touches your skin after you’ve been tanning, makes you not want to go out. Its salinity is just right, your skin doesn’t itch afterwards, it’s soft and smells of sea. No jellyfish, big waves (sorry surfers, not in Dubrovnik), or garbage, just clean, fresh, cooling and soothing water of the Adriatic sea.

Kings’s landing

Sound familiar? Some of us have read George Martin’s „A Song of Ice and Fire“,but most of us have watched HBO’s thrilling adventure called The Game of Thrones. Filmed in Dubrovnik, this TV series has invited its fans from all around the world to visit Dubrovnik and imagine that they are close to their favourite character

Take a look at what the HBO crew thinks about the scenery:

When you go strolling in Dubrovnik, you might recognise the St. Dominika street, the Pile and Ploče gate, the Bokar fort and the Minčeta tower. Let us know in the comments if you recognise the scenery.

Old Town Dubrovnik

The refugees from Epidaurus in Greece have settled in today’s Croatia and founded Dubrovnik in the 7th Century. Today, this beautiful city is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its historical significance.

As soon as you cross over the drawbridge and walk through the Pile Gate you will find yourself entering an ancient city that is brimming with astonishing architecture; surrounded by the Mediterranean on one side, and stunning walls on the other.

Take a walk along the city walls which surround the Old City. It’s just a couple of hours and it offers a stunning view of the Dalmatian Coast and a dazzling view of the city. Fort Lovrijenac is one of the sights that can be seen from the wall, it is an amazing structure built on an rocky outcropping. It is located just outside the Western wall of the Old Town.

Lovrijenac at night


There’s no point in describing how beautiful the city is, it’s really something you have to see by yourself. We’ll leave some images for you to feast upon.

Come and visit us! Click to Croatia!