What is an RSS feed and how do I read it?

An RSS feed (Rich Simple Summary / Really Simple Syndication) is simply a subscription to updates, ads and the like from a Web site or Web page. Through RSS, you can be automatically notified as soon as updates are made. Technically, a feed is an XML file on each of these Web sites that is specially coded to list the latest headlines in a machine-readable format.

How to use RSS? – To read RSS feeds, you will need some software on your computer (an RSS reader client) or access to a Web site that offers the same functionality. RSS feeds have to be defined within the RSS reader.

Where can I get an RSS reader? - RSS feeds can be monitored over the Web through several Web-based RSS readers. The best known are Google Reader, Bloglines, etc. For these services it is required to register, registration is free, then you can use it. On the other hand, there are free RSS readers that are installed on your computer. Some of them are FeedDemon feed Beast, RssReader and the like. It should be noted that most browsers support RSS technology as well.

How to get RSS ads from our site? - On each page you will see the RSS icon or the link that takes you to this page. Any browser that supports RSS shows the same or a similar symbol next to the address of our website. By clicking on the link / icon you will get to this page. Below are the addresses of RSS ads on our Web site for specific languages. They also represent the RSS feeds that you add to your RSS reader. Current addresses are:

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